Hi.  I like tech an unreasonable amount.

Personal Life

Happily Married.  Two Cats, River and Simon.
I play a lot of computer games, enjoy cooking, and occasionally build stuff.
Puzzles of various types make me happy.

Work life

I currently work for a cool company doing all kinds of various tech stuff.  Usually focused on Cyber Security or Infrastructure.  But I also get to work for a non-profit supporting Cyber Security education thanks to my employer.  It is a pretty good arrangement.

I’m also a professor of Cyber Security for a fancy University, which is kinda cool.

Certifications you might care about

MCSE:SI/CPI, CEH, Sec+, CSA+, probably other ones

Chicks dig a guy with skills

  • Microsoft Infrastructure – end-to-end
  • Cloud infrastructure – Azure, AWS, etc.
  • Cyber Security/Information Security – all over the place
  • Pretty decent Social Engineer
  • Virtualization – Pretty much all of them – VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, etc.
  • People Language – English, German (Intermediate)
  • Computer Languages – PowerShell, C#, Python, BASH, bunch of others
  • Other stuff – but this list is boring.  Reach out if you want to know more.